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Here is a release of a 9.5 pound trophy brown trout caught on a Silver Platter Trophy Stick. This is Mike's persoanl best fish. What a beauty.

Here is Ronnie with his personal best brown trout. A trophy brown trout caught on a 10" Custom Tiger Flame Trophy Stick on 4/7/10.

Here is Ronnie catching an 8 pound Mackinaw in Northern California. The fish was caught on the 10" Monster Stick Custom Tiger Flame Trophy Stick.

Here is a 17 pound mackinaw caught on a 10" Tasty Tui Trophy Stick.

On 08/04/08 Angler Jake got this beautiful 10.5 pound hen pushing 30 inches long. What a great catch on video. Lure of choice was the 4.5 inch Tasty Tui Trophy Stick!

On May 29th 2008 This 31.5 Inch 11.11 on the digital Hookjaw Trophy Brown Trout was taken on the 6.5 inch baby bow trophy stick and released to become a 20+ fish as well. A true double whammy! Trip of a lifetime!

On May 30 2008 This 31.5 Inch 11+ Hookjaw Trophy Brown Trout was taken and released to become a 20+ fish. What a great trip!

Brown Trout On Trophy Sticks

Brown Trout caught on 6.5 Silver Platter Trophy Stick!

California Brown Trout being released

Jake nailing another nice brown trout

Trophy Stick in action on a nice brown trout

Carl Dunbar nailing a nice brown trout

Steve nailing some nice brown trout on the Trophy Stick

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