Lure Tuning

How to tune a Trophy Stick to run straight after a big fish hits it....

Trophy Stick lures are factory adjusted for medium retrieve speeds.

You may need to tune your lure if:

The towing eyelet or plate is bent from impact or the stress of thrashing fish.

You want to troll the lure at its maximum speed tolerance.

How do you know the lure is not tuned?

If the lure will not track straight it is likely to be out of tune. That is, it pulls to one side, or surfaces, at higher speeds.

Unless the tow point is perfectly aligned with the midline, the lure will not swim straight. Tuning is the process of accurately aligning it by trial and error.

How to tune your lure?

Tuning simply involves bending the towing wire loop to the left or right using long nosed pliers.

Do this in small steps and re-test the lure each time until it swims straight at the required speed. If you bend too far the lure will start pulling to the opposite side. It's a matter of fine adjustments until alignment is achieved.

If the lure tracks or rolls LEFT, bend tow point to the right.
If the lure tracks or rolls RIGHT, bend the tow point to the left.

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