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Trophy Sticks lures are hand-crafted custom rip baits or jerk baits designed for anglers targeting trophy-class brown trout, rainbow trout, brook trout, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striper, Crappie, Mackinaw and all types of Salmon. It is a proven fact that big fish eat little fish, and this is why Trophy Sticks minnow baits are such a versatile lure for all types of trophy fishing.

In years past top anglers fished with custom-painted stick baits of all types, which typically required a lot of work sanding and painting and reinforcing the diving lips so they could withstand aggressive strikes from 10-pound and larger fish, as well as banging into submerged structures such as stumps and boulders. Trophy Sticks does all this work for you, allowing you more time on the water. Anglers have found Trophy Sticks custom-painted baits to be extremely deadly. Our patterns were selected by matching the forage of the lakes and rivers from Southern California to the California Delta, and from Lake Tahoe to Central Oregon - fisheries known for the largest trophy brown trout in the West. Trophy Sticks are modeled on the deadliest patterns the largest of predatory fish couldn't leave alone when they saw the presentation swimming past:

The Baby 'Bow - The best-selling pattern in our lineup, this baby rainbow trout imitation is a favorite food for most predatory species. Every fish eats rainbow trout - especially trophy fish - because of extensive Department of Fish and Game planting of these tasty little snacks. While many fisherman gloat over catching their limit of planter fish, trophy fisherman know that the DFG is just chumming their favorite lake. The Trophy Sticks Baby 'Bow is a great meal for all species in the California Delta especially. With many many success stories.

The Tasty Tui or Tui-Chub - A tui-chub imitation, also known as a hitch or shad/shiner pattern, is a killer in California fisheries such as Clear Lake, the Delta, New Melones, Folsom Lake, Stampede Reservoir, Lake Pardee, Pyramid Lake in Nevada, Lake Tahoe, especially in the summer months and many others. Big bass and Striper absolutely love this pattern. It's a long-time favorite in all lakes for trophy Brown Trout & Mackinaw as well.

The tui-chub is the most-abundant species in Central Oregon and is found in most large lakes, reservoirs, and streams. The Deschutes and Little Deschutes rivers, Odell, Crescent, Davis, East, Paulina, Lava, Little Lava, and Cultus lakes, and Crane Prairie and Wickiup reservoirs have large populations of tui-chubs.

The tui-chub is native to the Klamath and Sacramento river systems and also occurs in a number of isolated interior basins of California, Oregon and Nevada. However, the tui-chub is not native to the Deschutes basin. It likely was introduced to the Deschutes basin from the Klamath basin, probably by anglers using them as live bait for trophy trout. Tui-chubs gather in large schools to spawn in or near heavily vegetated shorelines throughout June and July. A mature female tui-chub can lay nearly 5,000 eggs that will hatch in about one week. Young remain in well-vegetated shallows until reaching sexual maturity at 2 or 3 years. The fish have a typical life span of nine years and reach maximum lengths of about 14 inches, in some cases larger have been reported. Tui-chubs feed on amphipods, Diptera larva, gastropods and cladocerans. For the most part, their food preferences mirror those of trout, especially rainbow. Tui-chubs are prey for piscivorous rainbow, brown trout, and smallmouth and largemouth bass.

The Silver Platter - This lure mirrors a baby salmon imitation, blue back herring or a sardine or anchovy which is found throughout West Coast fisheries and also in the salt. It is a favorite food for giant predatory fish such as Brown Trout, Salmon, Mackinaw, Rainbow Trout, Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass & Halibut demolish it as do just about any other big fish as well. This lure has landed big largemouth bass across the nation. The Silver Platter is absolutely deadly on any highly visible Lakes. King salmon have been caught on this pattern at Lake Shasta, Lake Almanor and also has produced great success at Folsom Lake. This pattern can be used in fresh water as a kokanee or king salmon fry imitation, or ran as an anchovy or sardine imitation in saltwater. It even landed big ocean salmon in Alaska this past season as well as halibut in the SF Bay. When taken to Willow, Havasu, powell or where ever big Striper are we are getting reports of giant fish loving this new bait.

These three species of baitfish make up the main forage of predatory species throughout the West Coast. Now to make it more versatile for the hardcore angler we have added our new addition custom bait section to our production line-up. This line-up is forever growing and at any angler's request we can just about create the perfect bait for any situation and forage. Together we can close the deal on putting the most realistic bait in front of that fish that has seen it all!!! It's no secret that guides and trophy fisherman have hand-painted different patterns for years, but now these amazing patterns are available to all anglers at a reasonable cost. We pay the highest attention to detail with our custom baits. With the Trophy Stick's lifelike foil wrapped scales, "3D" eyes and bloody gills, these lures mimick a fish swimming for its life - and that's exactly what is required to fool big, smart fish. We equip every Trophy Stick with extra-strong Daiichi hooks & rings that never fail.

Trophy Sticks have better action than any other jerk bait on the market because the action can be adjusted to tight wobble or a very intense wobble (see lure tuning page). The Trophy Stick can be retrieved slow and slithers through the water like a graceful minnow or can be ripped, jerked and popped on the surface. Casted or trolled this is a lure to watch out for. The wobble is beautiful and is amazing how much action can be found in this un-jointed bait. Some anglers even retire their jointed lures after using a Trophy Stick.

Now every angler can fish with the best minnow bait on the market, and the cost is well below most other non-production trophy baits. We know you will enjoy these innovative lures as much as we do. With more than 30 years experience fishing, we truly believe Trophy Sticks are the #1 all around bait on the market today. With the new introduction of the Monster Stick 10" Trophy Stick and customizable paint jobs in any color or pattern this is your 1 stop shop for your most effective, proven, favorite custom lure on the market today! Don't be afraid to GO BIG!!!

Thank you for your support, and enjoy your time fishing!

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